Koha Racing has moved to www.fearsociety.co.nz

We are a grassroots racing organization with a special affinity towards unique and super challenging endurance based events.  With a headquarters in Te Anau, our location on the edge of Fiordland National Park means we've got plenty of awesome country for inspiration.  Some of the worlds most difficult trails, most spectacular rivers, and most beautifully inaccessible places are right outside our door.  

Our mission is simple--put on high quality, intimate events that excite and challenge even the most capable adventure athletes out there, all while eliminating financial barriers to entry.  Towards this end, we've decided to adopt the spirit contained in the notion of Koha in both our name and our structure.  As such, there are no required fees for any of our events. We do what we do as an offering to the endurance and adventure communities. We do what we do because of a passion for exploring new ways of testing ourselves, playing, and facing the uncertainty that our favored 'style' of events create.  We do what we do out of a creative need to craft and share these experiences as a means of connecting with like minded people. 
That being said, we do still have all the costs associated with putting on these events and running the organization in general. It is our hope, however, that by focusing on what we feel is important (the quality of the experience, rather than swag) and being transparent about everything that goes into what we do, that we can build a community of participants who recognize the value of really bad- ass races that don't require payment plans, and whom are individually as supportive of our efforts as they are able to be.